Guide - module "Autocall"

Table of contents:

1. Create a campaign

2. Import jobs

3. View a list of campaign tasks and manage jobs


Log in to the web interface under the Administrator user.

Default login - admin, default password - pbxunit


1. Create a campaign, fields:

Name - campaing name

Client - client choise

Descript - autocall campaign description

Campaign is enabled - enabling / disabling campaign



Number of attempts to call the client - number of attempts to call one job

Minimum pause between attempts (seconds) - in order not to call too often on one jobs phone, you can use this parameter

Ring time (seconds) - time of dialing one number

Channel limit - maximum number of one-time calls for this campaign, calls are considered until the end of the hangup

Consider listening if the conversation is longer (seconds) - increases the counter "listened" in the list of tasks, if the duration of the call (after the answer of the subscriber) exceeds the number of seconds specified in the parameter

Continue to call after answer - Continues to call on the job, even if the person has already answered the call. The maximum number of calls is set by the parameter "Number of attempts to call the client." Attention! Enabling this switches the campaign mode to auto-spam! Can be used, for example, to notify about debts. When using this option, select an acceptable value of "Minimum pause between attempts (seconds)" so as not to ring too often to the subscriber.

Working date of the campaing - allows you to specify the dates of the compaing's work

Working time of the campaing - allows you to add time groups to manage campaign time. You can add more than one group


Outbound route - You can select "Default route" - calls will be the same as for a normal call in FreePBX, according to the configured routes. Or you can select "Trunk" and select a specific trunk from the list, calls will only occur through it.

In order for an outgoing call to work, if you select a trunk in the "Trunk" field, at least one outbound route in FreePBX must be created and any trunk of this technology (sip, pjsip, dahdi, etc.) assigned in this route must be created. This is necessary so that the necessary contexts are created in dialplan of Asterisk set.


Actions after dialing - select an action after the subscriber has accepted the call. Options:

No destination - do nothing, end a call

Play record - select from the list an entry preloaded into FreePBX

Start IVR - go to the voice menu created in FreePBX

Start poll - Run a poll created in Pbxunit

Custom notify - Run a custom notify created in Pbxunit


2. Import jobs

In the list of campaigns, click the upload icon - 

You can import jobs from two types of files: CSV and MS Excel.

CSV - string format: "Worksheet ID","Name","Phone1;PhoneN","Text to speech Phrase 1; PhraseN"

Excel - Enter the range of lines (the number of the start line and the end line), and also specify the desired letter that points to the data column in the Excel file for the column "ID column", "Name column", "Phone number column" and "Text to speech column".


To download large files, you may need to edit the php.ini file on your OS.

Increase download limit up to 50 MB:

post_max_size = 50M

It is recommended to download large files in CSV format, because Import from Excel heavily loads the system.

If you want to download large files from Excel, increase other limits in php.ini:

Memory limit:

memory_limit = 1500M

Script execution time:

max_execution_time = 1500

max_input_time = 1500

After the changes in php.ini - will restart the web-server.


3. View a list of campaign tasks and manage jobs

In the list of campaigns, click the "list" icon - 

You can delete, pause or start, as a one task or several selected tasks.