PBX Universal Tools - modular system complementing the functionality of the IP-PBX Asterisk and FreePBX

Report "Call records"    "Autocall" (Automatic dialer)    "Automatic polls"    "Text to speech"

The system is a web-interface with the administrator and user section. The basic system includes a report on calls, with the ability to add users and the differentiation of access rights. And also there is a set of scripts and functionality dialplan Asterisk for additional modules.

 Report "Call records" Free full-featured demo version!

  • You can create groups of employees, with division into departments
  • Heads of departments can be given the right to view their group
  • Quick search for employee or phone number
  • The ability to save a conversation record or listen in the web interface
  • The ability to activate the search in the direction: incoming / outgoing calls, based on the length of the number
  • Exporting the list of calls to Excel
  • The ability to export the archive with records of conversations

Module "Autocall". Auto-dialer, autoinformer for Asterisk and FreePBX.

The module Auto-dial for Asterisk and FreePBX for automatic dial through the list of tasks with high performance.

Possible actions after dialing: to play the record, go to IVR, go to queue, start the poll, text to speech + support for custom notification, you can alternate the specified actions in one call.

  • High speed of work in parallel, multithreaded mode of tasks execution
  • Ability to create separate "auto-dialing campaigns" with different settings
  • Ability to specify the number of attempts, duration, pause, number of simultaneous calls, etc. For each of the "campaigns"
  • The ability to pause selected tasks in the "campaign"
  • Selecting a trunk for each "campaign"
  • Selecting the date and time of campaigns
  • Detailed work report, export to Excel
  • Ability to set channel limits based on the number of operators in the queue
  • Demo version available

Module "Automatic polls".

The module provides the functionality of automatic polls, works in conjunction with the module "Autocall".

Used for conducting opinion polls, surveys to evaluate services provided, etc. In automatic mode.

  • Allows you to add polls
  • Allows you to assign audio files with questions downloaded in FreePBX
  • Allows you to set the settings for each question - the number of input digits, timeout, etc
  • Allows you to assign response options
  • Detailed report with survey results, export to Excel
  • Demo version available

Module "Text to speech".

The module provides a functional synthesis of speech from the text, works in conjunction with the module "Autocall".

Used to pronounce the amount of debt, customer name and other dynamic information.

  • Allows you to create speech generation templates
  • Support for services: Google TTS, Amazon Polly, Yandex Speech
  • Demo version available