Guide - basic system and report "Call Recors"


Log in to the web interface under the Administrator user.

The default login is "admin", the password is "pbxunit"


Description of the Administrator section

Section "Common"

1. Users - creating and editing users for the Pbxunit web interface

Add user, fields:

Login - user login

Password - user password

Name - display username (optional)

Extension number - user extenson number in Asterisk (optional)

Administrator - make the user an administrator

View all extensions - give the rights to view all extension numbers of Asterisk, in the "Call Records" report

View all groups - give the rights to view all groups in the "Call Records" report

Export to Excel - give permission to upload to Excel in Pbxunit reports

Roles - list of roles

Extensions for viewing - list of Asterik extension numbers, allows viewing of the specified numbers, for the "Call Records" report

Modules - list of modules assigned to the user

2. Roles

Roles allow you to group settings and access rights for assignment to users.

3. Clients

Here you can get customers. Clients can choose in the modules "Autocall" and "Automatic polls", for grouping tasks.

You can also order a login and password for the client, to access your private cabinet.

4. Time groups

Allows you to create a time group to manage the time of the services.

Adding a time group:

Name - time group name

Start time - hours and minutes of starting work

Finish time - hours and minutes of completion

Start day of week - day of the week of the beginning of work

Finish day of week - day of week of completion of work

5. Modules and licensing

Allows you to edit the company name, activate modules, enable or disable modules.


Section "Listening to records"

1. Groups

Allows you to create groups of extension Asterisk. Groups are displayed in the "Call records" report. View rights to groups can be assigned to a user or roles.

2. Extensions name

Allows you to override the name for the extension number specified in FreePBX. Also here you can add internal numbers that are not set in FreePBX, as well as the numbers of queues and call groups.


Using the "Call records" report

Log in as a user with administrator rights and add new users of Pbxunit. In the user's settings, specify its internal number in the "Extension number" field. By default, only the number specified in this field will be available in the report for viewing. If the user needs to listen to additional numbers and groups, configure the access rights by editing the user or assigning the necessary roles to him.

For new users, the "Call Records" report is available on the "Reports" tab.