Web-interface configuration file


The file is located in the web directory Pbxunit and has the name config.php


Requisites for connecting to the database asterisk:

$_AST_CONFIG['DBAddr'] = 'localhost'; 
$_AST_CONFIG['DBPort'] = 3306;
$_AST_CONFIG['DBName'] = 'asterisk';
$_AST_CONFIG['DBUser'] = 'freepbxuser';
$_AST_CONFIG['DBPass'] = '';


Requisites for connecting to the database aseriskcdrdb:

$_AST_CONFIG['DBAddrCDR'] = 'localhost';
$_AST_CONFIG['DBPortCDR'] = 3306;
$_AST_CONFIG['DBNameCDR'] = 'asteriskcdrdb';
$_AST_CONFIG['DBUserCDR'] = 'freepbxuser';
$_AST_CONFIG['DBPassCDR'] = '';


Settings for displaying the "Call records" report:

minphoneout - minimum length of external phone number:

$_AST_CONFIG['minphoneout'] = 5;

StatShowInternal - show internal calls. If the value is "0", calls are displayed in which the length of the number (source or destination) is greater than or equal to the value specified in the "minphoneout" variable. If the value is "1" - external and internal calls are displayed:

$_AST_CONFIG['StatShowInternal'] = 0; 

StatShowDirect - output in the report the functionality of the filter of the direction of the call (incoming or outgoing):
$_AST_CONFIG['StatShowDirect'] = 0;

MonitorPath - path to the directory with call records in the OS, is used to download records via the WEB-interface:

$_AST_CONFIG['MonitorPath'] = '/var/spool/asterisk/monitor';

WebMonitorPath - the path to the directory with records, inside the WEB-directory. Used to listen to recordings via WEB-player:
$_AST_CONFIG['WebMonitorPath'] = './monitor';


Other settings:

Starting year, month and day to search by date in the web interface:
$_AST_CONFIG['StartYearDefault'] = '2017';
$_AST_CONFIG['StartMonthDefault'] = '01';
$_AST_CONFIG['StartDayDefault'] = '01';


lang - language of the WEB-interface. Possible value "ru" - Russian, "en" - English.
$_AST_CONFIG['lang'] = 'en';


AlwRememberAuth - automatically store authorization in the user's browser. With a value of "1" - always stores and sets cookies in the user's browser. When "0" - only remembers when the checkbox "remember me on this computer" is installed during authorization.
$_AST_CONFIG['AlwRememberAuth'] = 0;


APIKey - authorization key for WEB-API
$_AST_CONFIG['APIKey'] = 'pbxunit';


Text to speech settings:

The default path to the directory with the cache for records:

$_AST_CONFIG['tts_default_cache_path'] = '/var/spool/asterisk/speech';

Default language for Google tts: 
$_AST_CONFIG['tts_default_lang_gtts'] = 'en';

Default region for Amazon Polly:
$_AST_CONFIG['tts_default_amazon_polly_region'] = 'us-east-1';

Default voice for Amazon Polly:
$_AST_CONFIG['tts_default_amazon_polly_voice'] = 'Geraint';

Default language for Yandex Speech: 
$_AST_CONFIG['tts_default_lang_yandex'] = 'en-US';


Paths to directories inside the WEB-directory:

RootPath - root web-directory, by default it is installed as the current one:

$_AST_CONFIG['RootPath'] = './';

ShellPath - directory for connected pages

$_AST_CONFIG['ShellPath'] = $_AST_CONFIG['RootPath'].'shell/';

ImgPath - directory with images:

$_AST_CONFIG['ImgPath'] = $_AST_CONFIG['RootPath'].'img/';

JSPath - Directory with javascript files:

$_AST_CONFIG['JSPath'] = $_AST_CONFIG['RootPath'].'js/';

LibPath - directory with libraries

$_AST_CONFIG['LibPath'] = $_AST_CONFIG['RootPath'].'lib/';

UploadPath - download directory:

$_AST_CONFIG['UploadPath'] = $_AST_CONFIG['RootPath'].'upload/';

APIPath - directory for the WEB-API functional:

$_AST_CONFIG['APIPath'] = $_AST_CONFIG['RootPath'].'api/';

WebTmpPath - directory for temporary files, it is recommended to clear the directory of old files on a schedule in crontab:

$_AST_CONFIG['WebTmpPath'] = '/var/www/html/pbxunit/tmp';



Variables of the form <name> _table - contain the names of the database table.