1.3.3 (02.08.2022)

1. Changed the order of parameters when uploading CSV, the phone number now comes first in the list.
CSV string format: "Phone1;PhoneN","Worksheet ID","Name","Text to speech Phrase 1; PhraseN"
2. Added a simplified interface when loading data in Excel format (xlsx), item "Excel simple". You do not need to select a range of lines in it, the entire file will be loaded. Format:
column A(1) - Phone1;PhoneN
column B(2) - Worksheet ID
column C(3) - Name
column D(4) - Text to speech Phrase 1; PhraseN

Moved the old upload interface from Excel to "Excel extended"


1.3.2 (22.06.2022)

1. The problem in the dialplan of the auto-call module pbxunit/modules/autocall/dialplan/extensions_custom.conf has been fixed, the callerid display function did not work correctly. The problem manifested itself in versions 1.3.0 and 1.3.1


1.3.1 (09.06.2022)

1. Added stop list functionality for auto-calling campaigns. In the stop lists, you can enter numbers that are forbidden to call during outgoing calls
2. Added a new status in the list of tasks - "Stop list"
3. Added the functionality of copying an auto-call campaign with the selected parameters
4. Methods added to web-api:
- Adding a phone to the stop list - stoplist_phone_add, parameters: stoplist_id, phone
- Removing a phone from the stop list - stoplist_phone_del, parameters: stoplist_id, phone
- Adding a phone to the stop lists assigned to the auto-call campaign - ac_stoplist_phone_add, parameters: camp_id, phone
- Removing a phone from the stop lists assigned to the auto-call campaign - ac_stoplist_phone_del, parameters: camp_id, phone
5. Release of an additional installation package with php5 support
6. Fixed the "The limit of channels, depending on the number of agents in the queue" function for the auto-dialing campaign, which was broken in version 1.3.0


1.3.0 (12.04.2022)

1. Switching all scripts using python to python3
2. Pbxunit modified to work with PHP7
3. Pbxunit is compatible with FreePBX Distro 16
4. Changes to use the latest version of the python "pyst" library
5. The type "google tts" - was removed from speech generation templates, only cloud was left from yandex
6. Added new voices to yandex speech cloud
7. Replacing the PHPExcel library with PhpOffice\PhpSpreadsheet
8. By default, the sounds=/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en option is set in the pbxunit.conf config, [path] section
9. In the campaign settings, the "Callerid settings" block has been added, where you can hide the callerid from the operator or add information about the auto-dialing task to the callerid
10. Modification of the "Polls" module.
Now, when forming a survey, for each answer option, you can choose:
- "Additionally lose after answer"
- "Assignment after answer" (Go to next question, End poll as standard, End poll now, Go to question number). That allows you to make logical branching when polling.
- Added section to pbxunit.conf services configuration file
hash_symbol_repeat_quest=0 // if set to 1, then repeating the question works with dtmf code '#'
hash_symbol_max_repeat=10 // maximum number of repetitions of a question with dtmf code '#'
11. Removed flash player from the report "Recordings of conversations"
12. In the list of auto-calling tasks, the column "Date of creation" has been added


1.2.15 (15.12.2020)

1. Fixed the modules/autocall/init.d/ autocall service file, fixed the process freezing when there is a large number of simultaneous call streams.


1.2.14 (24.12.2019)

1. The sound file was not played in the polls module, because there was no SOUND_PATH variable with path to sound files. Changes to pbxunit/modules/autopolls/agi-bin/
2. When using the yandex cloud speechkit speech generator engine, there were clicks when playing files with phrases through asterisk, the file format for this engine was changed to .sln.
The import of libraries for speech generator engines has been moved to the beginning of the file, as on some systems there were import problems.
Changes to pbxunit/python-lib/pbxunit/


1.2.13 (16.06.2019)

1. The problem was resolved when in exceptional situations the tasks in the auto-call campaign could stop.
File changes: pbxunit/python-lib/pbxunit/ and pbxunit/modules/autocall/agi-bin/
2. Added setting in the auto-call campaign, block "Outbaund routes", the field "Outbaund extension" - this number will be substituted as an outgoing extension from which calls are made. It can be used to build routes in FreePBX "Outbound Routes".
File changes: pbxunit/web/pbxunit/functions.php, pbxunit/web/pbxunit/shell/autocallcampaing_add.php, pbxunit/web/pbxunit/shell/autocallcampaing_edit.php, pbxunit/modules/autocall/agi-bin/, pbxunit/python-lib/pbxunit/, pbxunit/modules/autocall/dialplan/extensions_custom.conf


1.2.12 (14.02.2019)

1. Fixed a problem when generating a phrase in parallel. Now a lock file is created in the directory with the phrase cache. Updated pbxunit/python-lib/pbxunit/ file


1.2.11 (01.02.2019)

1. Fixed a problem with speech generator, updated files: pbxunit/python-lib/pbxunit/, pbxunit/modules/autocall/agi-bin/
The problem appeared in version 1.2.9, 1.2.10


1.2.10 (27.01.2019)

1. Fixed a bug in the library pbxunit/, removed the variable self.TTS_FILES_TABLE
2. In the config.php web interface config, the $ _AST_CONFIG ['APIKey'] variable is now empty, and the WEB-API does not allow the use of a blank key. To start using the WEB-API, now you need to edit the key


1.2.9 (22.01.2019)

1. The names of the speech generator files are now stored in md5, instead of the text, which allows you to load any characters into the phrase of the speech generator
2. Removed html-character filter when loading speech generator phrases
3. Added yandex cloud speechkit speech generator service (you need the /usr/bin/avconv utility, libav-tools package for work)
4. Added fields in the asterisk.pbxu_speech_templ table:
token, yandex_folder_id
5. Fixed a system key generation error for a license on some OS
6. Add WEB-API command : poll_search_res - search poll results by parameters


1.2.8 (02.10.2018)

1. Fixed a problem with the encoding when writing to the database, appeared on the latest versions of the freepbxdistro distribution.


1.2.7 (03.09.2018):

1. Added the option "Upload archive records" to the "Call records" report.
Added rights to unload the archive at the user and role level.
2. The file format was changed when unloading in Excel from the "records of conversations" report to Excel 2007 XML (xlsx).
3. Added WEB API for auto-dialing campaigns.
4. Added composite index for table cdr - fields dst and cnum (there was a slowdown in the work of the "record conversations" report on the large cdr table).
5. Added the output of the roles to the user list, the "User list" button was added to the list of roles.
6. Added options to the config.php web configuration file:
path to the tmp directory inside the web directory: $ _AST_CONFIG ['WebTmpPath'] = '/var/www/html/pbxunit/tmp'
the key for accessing the API: $ _AST_CONFIG ['APIKey'] = 'pbxunit';
7. The search in the "Call records" report for the "Phone number" filter now occurs additionally in the src field of the cdr table.
8. Added the "Protected Numbers" section to the web interface, added the pbxu_protect_exten table to the asterisk database.
9. Correcting the performance of auto-dialing, eliminated a large load on the script processor
10. In the module "auto-dial" added setting the channel limit, based on the number of operators in the queue.
11. In the appointment of the auto-dialing campaign, the item "queue" is added.